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UW Case study for DECA - University of Waterloo DECA 2007...

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University of Waterloo DECA 2007 Business Case Competition UW Event Air Canuk and the Green Engine Decision It is a wintery Monday in Toronto and the senior management team of a major Canadian airline, Air Canuk, is sitting around the boardroom table discussing options for purchasing a new fleet of aircraft. The airline needs to upgrade its aging fleet of DC-9s with a more modern fleet and has decided on the Boeing 737. The next decision the executive team has to make concerns the type of engine they will purchase to go with the B-737. The decision to add or remove aircraft from a fleet is one of the most important to be made within an airline because of both the significant cost of replacement and the long term consequences that result from the choice of aircraft. The engine is an important aspect of this choice since it determines, to a certain extent, the fuel efficiency of the aircraft. An average fleet will last an airline between 25 and 35 years. The type of aircraft an airline chooses to purchase needs to serve the airline in the regulatory, market and technological environment predicted to exist within the life of the fleet. As one can imagine, the decision is a complex one involving analysis, prediction and perhaps even a gamble in trading off one aspect for another to come up with an aircraft fleet most suited
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UW Case study for DECA - University of Waterloo DECA 2007...

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