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Page 1 of 9 QUEEN’S COMMERCE EVENT 2007 DECA Ontario Provincials Case Writers Matthew Price, Warren Duffy, Jason Banh Commerce Students, Queen’s School of Business QLEAD 2007 Executive Members PROCEDURES 1. The event will involve case preparation prior to the 2007 DECA Ontario Provincial Competition. The event roles are provided below, with the situation on pages 2 and 3 . Your task is presented on page 4 , followed by accompanying appendices on pages 5 to 9 . 2. You will have up to 10 minutes to present your case to a judge, followed by 4 minutes of questions from the judge. 3. You will be evaluated on how well you meet the specific requirements of this case, as well as on the overall impression you leave with the judge after questioning. 4. The case may be presented individually or in teams of two. If in teams of two, one mark will be awarded to the team. 5. Turn in all your notes and event materials when you have completed your presentation. ROLES You are to assume the role of a first year student in the BACHELOR OF COMMERCE PROGRAM at QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY. As a student of the graduating class of 2011 and one of 300 students admitted to the program starting September 2007, you are highly motivated and academically gifted. The Queen’s Commerce Program prides itself on the high caliber of its student body, and pushes its students to achieve high academic standards and an intense level of extracurricular involvement. Each year, the Queen’s School of Business organizes and runs 13 conferences on a variety of stimulating topics. A typical conference organizing committee is comprised of 10-15 students, including 2 Co-Chairs and a number of appointed positions to manage various challenging portfolios. As an eager student, you attend a hiring info-session during your first week of classes and are interested in applying to be a member of the Executive for a conference that caters to high school students. On February 12, 2007, you are to be interviewed by the Co-Chair (judge) of the Queen’s Leadership Excellence and Development (QLEAD) Conference. You are applying for the role of Delegates Coordinator for QLEAD 2008. The Co-Chairs have asked you to present promotional ideas, as per the guidelines they have provided in the accompanying information package. You have 10 minutes to present your ideas, which will be followed by 4 minutes of judge questioning.
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Page 2 of 9 SITUATION Looking back, the Co-Chairs are extremely proud of the progress QLEAD has made since its inception 6 years ago. The following section outlines what QLEAD is, and details its specific goals. Description QLEAD is a leadership symposium that targets senior-level high school students who are planning to pursue a post-secondary education. Its organizers, a committee of 14 Queen’s Commerce students, aim to inspire students at the three-day leadership summit with exciting keynote speakers and interactive workshop opportunities. The conference is held annually in early February.
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Queen's Commerce Case - Competitor - QUEENS COMMERCE EVENT...

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