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Unformatted text preview: NAFTA Fact Sheet NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement January 1, 1994 Goal to eliminate tariffs between Canada, Mexico and the United States on qualifying goods Tariffs were eliminated from originating goods from Canada in 1998 Elimination of tariffs for originating goods from Mexico by the year 2008 NAFTA strives to promote fair competition, increase investment in the territories, protect and enforce intellectual property rights, and establish a framework for further cooperation between the countries Exports to the United States have grown rapidly during the NAFTA era, imports have also grown but not as quickly The average annual trade surplus was $19.7 billion (Canadian) during the 1990s (since NAFTA), more than double the $9.4 billion average in the 1980s (before NAFTA) NAFTA created downward pressure on employment and income conditions, but NAFTAs impact varies fro country to country, sector to sector, and province to province depending on...
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