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Business Etiquette Presentation Each culture deals with business differently. In your ISU groups, your task is to create a presentation on the business etiquette from your country. This information must be included in your ISU. If your country is not included on, then choose a country that is close or you can find an alternate website. Tasks Create a 15 minute presentation Create a one page summary 1. Go to the website 2. Your presentation must include the following: a. 15 minute presentation b. must be on PowerPoint c. include pictures
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Unformatted text preview: d. include geographical map and location e. presentation must be charismatic f. 1 page summary It would be nice to have: g. sound/music h. video i. cultural dress and or items j. cultural food 3. The presentation must go over the following points: a. Appointments b. Business dress c. Conversation d. Addressing others e. Gift giving f. Negotiating g. Entertaining h. Public behaviour There is a lot of information on the website, so the key is to condense the information. Everyone will be responsible to know each groups presentation. It will be tested!...
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