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International Business Presentation Names: _______________________________________________________________ Product: _______________________________________________________________ Content /20 Presentation is well prepared (5) Information is relevant to product (5) Use of visual aids (posters, overheads, handouts, PP etc.) (5) Group displays knowledge about proposed business (5) Organization /12 Clear introduction to presentation (4) Effective timing of presentation (4) Logical sequence and clear flow of ideas (4) Presentation Skills /12 Shows confidence/poise (2) Adequate volume of voice (2) Eye contact with audience (2) Language appropriate to topic/audience (i.e. investors) (2) Presenters able to answer questions asked by audience (4) Investment decision Are you willing to invest in this business? Effectiveness of presentation TOTAL /50 International Business Presentation Names: _______________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: Product: _______________________________________________________________ Content /20 Presentation is well prepared (5) Information is relevant to product (5) Use of visual aids (posters, overheads, handouts, PP etc.) (5) Group displays knowledge about proposed business (5) Organization /12 Clear introduction to presentation (4) Effective timing of presentation (4) Logical sequence and clear flow of ideas (4) Presentation Skills /12 Shows confidence/poise (2) Adequate volume of voice (2) Eye contact with audience (2) Language appropriate to topic/audience (i.e. investors) (2) Presenters able to answer questions asked by audience (4) Investment decision Are you willing to invest in this business? Effectiveness of presentation TOTAL /50 Circle one: NO MAYBE YES 2 4 6 Circle one: NO MAYBE YES 2 4 6...
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