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Unformatted text preview: 1. Assignment : Become a Critic • Watch a movie or television show with a critical eye. • Write a 350- to 750-word review of the movie or television show. The review must include a thesis statement, introductory paragraph, and at least two supporting paragraphs. • Discuss what the movie tells us about the society we live in. You may address whether you think it is good or bad, but you must address the big-picture issues, not just the quality of the work. • Post your paper as an attachment. One movie that I saw recently, that I thought I wouldn’t see it was “ I am Sam” . This movie tell the story of the financial struggle of a father who is very determined in raising a daughter by himself. I think that the hardest part of his situation and got me emotionally into was that the father was handicapped mentally and they lives alone him and his daughter. Even with his mental problems he keeps manages to raise his daughter. This movies is directed by Jessie Nelson, and this film encourages everyone to change the way of thinking when we choose in who and what...
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