com 156 week 7 assignment - Assignment: Rough Draft of Your...

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Assignment: Rough Draft of Your Final Paper Resources: Real Essays With Readings, ERRs, and Appendix A Complete a rough draft of your final paper on persuasion. The rough draft must be at least 900 words and expand on the submission posted in Week Four. Address the following questions: o Process analysis is used in some, but certainly not all essays. Did you use process analysis in your rough draft? If you did, then explain why. If not, explain why not. o Do you have cause and effect statements in your rough draft? If so, identify which statements are cause and effect statements. If not, explain whether you think they would help improve your paper or not. Post your paper as an attachment. The best option when you are deciding in renting an apartment or buying a house, it is a always a better option to buy a home because when you become a owner of a house it will provide you with stability and it will give you as a owner the benefit of a investment and this investment will last forever. The first thing that a home owner can benefit when owning a home is that it will be the first time that is buying a house and this house is a big investment for owner. When the owner start making the mortgage payments it will start building a house equity and there is the different of market values of the new home and that is what will be the remaining of the mortgage amount. Every time a monthly mortgage get a payment , the equity increases. When the amount borrowed is use for the house improvements, or for the family, or medicals bills and another thing for example starting they own business, and this a good investment to. The home owner will also benefit when the time of paying the taxes, for example the property of the house tax, it is a tax deductible for the home owner, another thing is the tax on vacations home is a tax deductible, ( you can find this information in the IRS, in the Publication 530, of 2009 page 8 and 9). The interests
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com 156 week 7 assignment - Assignment: Rough Draft of Your...

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