Renting An Apartment Is Better Option Than Buying A House- essay

Renting An Apartment Is Better Option Than Buying A House- essay

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Renting An Apartment Is Better Option Than Buying A House Idermis Robinson Com 156 March 13, 2011 Tanya M. Vanderlinde
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I think there are many different opinions and options when it comes to decide of weather renting an apartment are better than buying a home. Many People would say it has a lot to do with a person circumstances that surround their everyday life on whether they should rent or buy. I think that buying a home is not something you exactly will jump right away without having a foundation build first and foremost. If you really step back and look at the big picture of buying a home versus renting, in my personal opinion, the pros outweigh the cons. When people own their own home there are things that they won’t have to worry about half the things they should when renting an apartment. A good example for that is when they have noisy neighbors who do not realize loud noises with late night parties can affect the person below, ( I said this because of me and when I used to live in an apartment complex) but also the person beside, or above them. Having problems with neighbors it is something the usually only get worse over the time passed by. Another thing about having problems with the neighbors is the parking problems and people who used to live or live in apartments complex can say that this a big problem when it comes to find a parking spot that is good for your convenience. Besides that neighbors are not always friendly and can be hard to deal with them and an easy way to avoid this problem is by pursuing the idea of investing in a home of your own. Whatever you rent or buy, you will always come across problems that occur within the place you can call home. For examples leaking pipes, bug problems, sewage and plumbing problems, all these happens to all of us and sometimes without being complete moving inn. When you are renting an apartment and these problems happen you have to make a call and wait for when the next available maintenance man can make it to your apartment (sometimes will take most than a day of waiting for them to come) to take care of the problem. In another hand when you own your house you do not have to worry about having a horrible leak for ways without getting the problem resolved. In another hand you will have the option to get the problem taken care of sooner rather than later, that will make the difference in in your opinion when unexpected maintenance problems arise. The best option when you are deciding in renting an apartment or buying a house, it is a
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Renting An Apartment Is Better Option Than Buying A House- essay

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