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HONORS COLLEGE Freshman Colloquium Course #112, Sections 1, 2, 4, 5 Fall 2010 Class Hours: 9-9:50 T; 11-11:50 TW; 1-1:50 R D. N. Perkins, Instructor Office Hours: 10-1 M; 9-11 W; 10-11TR; 3-4 TR Room 104 Others by Appointment Only Telephone Number: 771-4876 E-mail: CATALOG DESCRIPTION : FRMN 112: Freshman Honors Colloquium (1 Credit Hour) This course is designed to place emphasis on critical thinking, writing and self expression. Through the use of contemporary issues and events, research skills, class discussions and participation, and other appropriate pedagogues, students will be encouraged to improve self-expressions. Vocabulary, GRE High Frequency Word List, is a strong focus. Also, expressions involving opposing points of view, basic logic and argumentative writing are used. GOAL: To develop/improve effective reading, writing, speaking and critical thinking skills. OBJECTIVES: The Student will be able to: 1. Differentiate between the 15 most commonly used analogies by identifying parallel examples of each type. 2. Demonstrate effective reading skills by identifying prefixes, suffixes, roots, antonyms and synonyms as used in the content of a sentence, paragraph or essay. 3. Construct a narrative and/or argumentative essay by utilizing the fundamental construction parts: Thesis statement, development and organization of the body and concluding paragraph. 4. Demonstrate the ability to use critical thinking skills by identifying/solving logic and analytical problems. 5. Recognize appropriate social behaviors and knowledge of cross-cultural differences by analyzing appropriate case studies as demonstrated through novels and local and national news events. 6.
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Course Syllabus fall[1]FRn - HONORS COLLEGE Freshman...

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