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Deheshyar Rec - Dear Selection Committee I am writing this...

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Dear Selection Committee; I am writing this letter to give my highest possible recommendation for Mr. Nima Baghdadi. I was Nima’s professor in four graduate courses of Principles of International Relations, Military Strategy of Superpowers, Management of International Crisis, and American Foreign Policy. I, as Nima’s supervisor for his M.A dissertation, have also worked closely with him for almost two years. Nima first approached me four years ago about the possibility of having me as his supervisor for his thesis. At our first meeting I described the general outline of what he was supposed to observe. He asked good questions and appeared intelligent. He was motivated enough to go to different libraries and carry out the research quite independently. By our second meeting, I was impressed at his findings and progress which ultimately led to the significant defense of his dissertation with a really good mark.
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