marketing is everything

marketing is everything - - Trying to high-pressure him...

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- Trying to high-pressure him into saying he was wrong. - “No” often means they don’t know - The girl came home shedding those crocodile tears. - It was amazing to find a leather sofa at that bargain price. - A quick glance at my shoes told me I needed a shine and my watch told me I had time. - His inflection had both a question and a you’ve-gotta-be-kidding tone - But hold the phone! There are two things you need to understand. - If we tie empathy to ego… - As we explore the building of a sales career, one area that stands near the top of the must list is the development of the right attitude. - 63 percent of all sales interviews wind down and drift into oblivion without a direct effort to close the sale. - You have to try to come out of every sales interview smiling like a rose. - Eating alphabet soup in alphabetical order or proofreading the Xerox copy. - Not by any stretch of imagination……. - I started painting the picture of all the good things that is brought about by this policy - It is crystal clear that…… - He replied in the affirmative. - Abominable Monstrosity - The mental gymnastics required in selling will keep you mentally alert - The winds of change are blowing in the salesman direction. - If you are physically and mentally as well as emotionally geared to give your best effort to the very end you are far more likely to make that sale
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- A tired salesperson at the end of the day has a tendency to rationalize away his chances of being a sales champion - You start the new day like a tiger - We not only have a second wind but a third, fourth, fifth, sixth and even seventh wind - He is of the opinion that…. - I encourage you to add these books to your library and their contents to your everyday life - A quarterly booster week - Does a cocktail really sharpen you up? - Liquor is a depressant not stimulant - A man is physical, mental and spiritual - On the flip side…. - Born to win- the magic of believing- the giant within- where but in America- the impossible dream- the battle hymn of republic - A tainted win is actually a loss - Respond is positive and React is negative - Logic makes people think and emotion makes them act - He is so other-people conscious that he never lets his ego hinder his efforts - He works from a plan and not a can - The professional has an incurable curiosity. He does not just wonder why grass is greener on the other side, but he climbs over the fence to see how the grass is
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marketing is everything - - Trying to high-pressure him...

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