CheckPoint Sexual Harassment Scenario

CheckPoint Sexual Harassment Scenario - this type of...

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Sexual Harassment Scenario Danny Hanshew Jr. AED/204 03/27/2011 Derrick M. Tennial
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The issue of trying to decided if it is a prank or sexual harassment has such grey areas it is hard for anyone to decide which it is. In this case I feel it is both, however in saying that it needs to be addressed as if sexual harassment. School boys and girls have pulled pranks of this caliber for centuries, but that does not excuse the fact that it is harassment and it is sexual due to the nature of the harassment. All of the boys that are involved should be punished, not just from a justification point of view, but for the future as well. Children should learn early on that there are concisenesses for their actions. The whole boys will be boys thinking should have died eons ago. The punishment needs to be that will not only be a lasting one for the boys, but one that the rest of the class can tell that
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Unformatted text preview: this type of behavior is not tolerated, and this lesson should be understood by all of them that society does not except this behavior either. The boys that were involved should have to get up in front of the class and make a presentation on why it is not okay for that type of behavior is not acceptable, and they should have to do it as a written paper and class presentation. They should also give a formal apology to the girls that they tormented. The principle and the parents all need to notified of this issue, mostly so the issue can be looked at home as well as a whole in the school. The principle might find this is a bigger problem than he or she thought and decided to have an assembly for the students to teach better behavior. The parents need to know because they might have a daughter that is being picked on and not know it....
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CheckPoint Sexual Harassment Scenario - this type of...

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