CheckPoint The First Amendment and its Impact on Education

CheckPoint The First Amendment and its Impact on Education...

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Freedom of speech - students and teachers both have rights to speak but, if those rights might lead to disruption or harm in the classroom or if they might violate the civil rights of others then the school can prevent both students and teachers from making certain statements regarding religion or politics . Freedom of religion - public education must be free from restraint or encouragement of religion of any kind. Therefore, while the Bible may be studied as literature it cannot be studied as a system of science. Freedom of the press - the press must be allowed to print information for the benefit of the public knowledge. In schools, however, school
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Unformatted text preview: administrators may limit school newspapers from printing certain items that may be considered harmful to students. Freedom of assembly- Guaranteed to Americans in the Constitution but this freedom can be abridged to protect teachers and students. Study of science- some religions teaches that evolution is not real and some persons believe evolution is real. This issue involves the freedom of religion and can lead to arguments over whether teaching evolution violates religion or whether the refusal to teach anything else is an unwarranted mix of religion in a public school....
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