time line for final history project

time line for final history project - Yasser Arafat Becomes...

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1960 First Televised Presidential Debates Lasers Invented 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion Berlin Wall Built Peace Corps Founded Soviets Launch First Man in Space 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis First Person Killed Trying to Cross the Berlin Wall 1963 JFK Assassinated Martin Luther King Jr. Makes His "I Have a Dream" Speech 1964 Civil Rights Act Passes in U.S. Hasbro Launches GI Joe Action Figure Nelson Mandela Sentenced to Life in Prison Warren Report on JFK's Assassination Issued 1965 Los Angeles Riots Malcolm X Assassinated New York City Great Blackout U.S. Sends Troops to Vietnam 1966 Black Panther Party Established Mass Draft Protests in U.S. 1967 Six-Day War in the Middle East Stalin's Daughter Defects Three U.S. Astronauts Killed During Simulated Launch 1968 Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated Prague Spring Robert F. Kennedy Assassinated Tet Offensive 1969 Neil Armstrong Becomes the First Man on the Moon
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Unformatted text preview: Yasser Arafat Becomes Leader of the PLO 1973 Abortion Legalized in U.S. U.S. Pulls Out of Vietnam U.S. Vice President Resigns 1974 U.S. President Nixon Resigns 1979 Ayatollah Khomeini Returns as Leader of Iran Iran Takes American Hostages in Tehran Margaret Thatcher First Woman Prime Minister of Great Britain Mother Theresa Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Nuclear Accident at Three Mile Island 1981 Assassination Attempt on the Pope Assassination Attempt on U.S. President Reagan First Woman Appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court New Plague Identified as AIDS Personal Computers (PC) Introduced by IBM 1991 Collapse of the Soviet Union Operation Desert Storm 1993 Use of the Internet Grows Exponentially World Trade Center Bombed 1998 India and Pakistan Test Nuclear Weapons U.S. President Clinton Impeached...
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time line for final history project - Yasser Arafat Becomes...

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