End of cold war week 9 checkpoint

End of cold war week 9 checkpoint - does not always ring...

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In the Cold War, the United States went from being a rival to considering itself as a superpower, unrivaled by all other countries. The United States cannot forget that fact, and must do all that it can to stay there. In world affairs America must take the leading role, considering the alternative of having a terrorist country or radicals leading the way would just be devastating. Borders are disappearing, but like any community, there will always be a social status to contend with. There will be those who are rich, or poor, or those that are just floating above the water level. It seems that the rich also have the power to keep it that way, but in today’s economy that
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Unformatted text preview: does not always ring true as it once had. Countries where it makes economical sense for us to give them the resources to get back on their feet. Which in return, they owe us a return which the United States can use for a profit or a favor later. It is also interesting to consider that America is generally fading as an unrivaled "superpower" as the world leader in the markets, simply because China and India are surpassing our markets in the sense that they are manufacturing, while we are simply servicing them to our country....
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