cold_war_ideology_and_policies - they were more like...

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Cold War Ideology and Policies Danny Hanshew Jr. HIS/135 09/22/2010 Shannon Runyon
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The ideologies of that were crystallized after the WWII was the fact that we needed to regroup and grow. We became a nation that needed a boost in confidence. We managed to do that by making commerce and spending money that we could not spend freely during the war. When you do an honest day of work and earn that days pay it feels good to do something with it. Whether you chose to save it or not was up to you. However during the war all you could was save, and saving for the unknown. Now Americans had the courage to expand on what they already had and that feeling grew and grew. The American dream was realized. On the foreign front alliances with countries that had fought by our sides had become our strongest allies, where as before
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Unformatted text preview: they were more like acquaintances. We started our dedication to helping other nations rebuild and prosper, which in return only made out alliances grow stronger. Where as nations like Greece, and Turkey needed assistance to get away from Stalin, and England needed finical assistance to rebuild a nation that was helped us in the fight. Starting the United Nations and NATO were a big help when it came to putting together foreign policies that would not only support the nation needing the assistance, but also to give back in return. We as a global force grew into a huge savings and loan franchise. This not only helped put an end to communism, but it also brought nations out of an economic ruin and put them on the path to rise from the ashes of WWII....
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cold_war_ideology_and_policies - they were more like...

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