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The distinction between film and popular cinema can be summed up in two movie titles, Office Space and Schindlers List. When you think of popular cinema you have to remember who it is reaching out to. It becomes a cultural movement. For those that have had the jobs in the little grey cubicles and never see the day of light, they can understand and feel a connection to the story. It becomes a “cult classic” due to so many people have parties to the movie when they need to blow off steam, or get away from the grind, another prime example is The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and from there no other explanation needs to be said!
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Unformatted text preview: Now with Shindlers List the story of the film is being told to you from a narrative perspective. As you’re watching the film, you feel as if you are looking through the main characters eyes, feeling their pain, suffering with them. When a film is done not only are you full of all kinds of emotions, but it leaves you with the feeling that there is more out there, or that the tragic event in the film could have been prevented, and that we can prevent history from happening again, which in the director’s opinion means that the “message” was received and understood....
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