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I look at Leonardo’s drawings and feel cold and they seem distant from any feeling. They are great with detail, but they are exact details. Leonardo was very gifted as being able to draw out the dynamics of a person, or an object to the point if you needed to take it apart and put it back together you could just by looking at his drawings, there would be no need for written instruction. It is almost as if these were the type of drawings you could consider the first stereo instructions. Beautiful as they are, this is just one opinion. Looking at Michelangelo’s work is like looking at water flowing through a waterfall. He has extreme details like Leonardo, but with shading and the importance he put into detailing all
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Unformatted text preview: things even imperfections in the ski, it makes his works fluid. When you look at his work you expect the male to look at you and tell you to stop looking at him. With Michelangelo, not only do you get an instruction manual of the body, but you get to see the finished product come alive. Both artists were geniuses and have awesome works of art, however they both have extreme differences. Leonardos work was, it is what it is, and with Michelangelo it was here is what I see and this is how it came to be, and this is where it can go. I enjoy both in their own rights....
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