Checkpoint Comparison of Three Sculptures - Copy

Checkpoint Comparison of Three Sculptures - Copy - with...

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Donatello’s version of David is plaster / bronze a totally different medium then Bernini’s and Michelangelo’s. Donatello’s David to me is really feminine in the facial features, like before puberty. The stance is the same like he is ready for movement, but in a non threatening way. Also, Donatello’s version does not look much like he is getting ready for battle, more like a social gathering where nudity is part of the party (hat. .. lol). Michelangelo’s version of David is statuesque, something you would call God’s gift to women. You can tell that the body was idolized during the renaissance times; David has perfect muscle definition, hair, nipples, genitals, arms, and legs. He also has the look as one who thinks deeply before making a hasty decision, an intellectual. Bernini’s David on the other hand has a gruff, dirty, and full on MAN look. He is ready for battle, and no one will get in his way. During the baroque times the body was respected, but
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Unformatted text preview: with limits, which is why the clothing is on him. However, there is a slight pubic hair area showing. I believe this was as close a Bernini could get without breaking the rules. The muscle definition is there in the legs, the abs, even the rib definition is clear. You know that he will win the battle just by looking at the determination in his facial expression. All three works are great in their own right it really just depends on your perspective. I personally enjoy Michelangelo’s version better, mainly because it shows that you can be in a fight, but you must plan you attack for the best results. Bernini’s is to gritty looking for me, and also hiding the genitals is a showing that you are politically correct for your time, and that is boring to me. Donatello’s kind of freaks me out a little bit, like I am looking at a naked child, so for me the statue does nothing. However, I am sure that a lot of people enjoy it....
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Checkpoint Comparison of Three Sculptures - Copy - with...

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