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Unformatted text preview: Every student deals with something, whether it is what size they are, what color they are, and of course am I popular enough. Though each student has an identity crisis at least once if not twice while trying to get through the twelve years of school, teachers play a bigger part in how they deal with those crisis then what they are given credit for. One main issue is that of economic status, the ole poor versus the rich cliché. All children for the most part try to find and express their own persona through what they wear, carry their books, down to the shoes that they put on their feet. It has to be from this store, or this name brand to fit in this click, or that click. It has shown down through history that we have social statues that we must keep up with. Being that the economy is at an all time low, the “rich” kids are finding out what it is like to be a “poor” kid. Teachers teaching and nurturing tolerance to differences as mundane as these are essential for a child to try and only worry about grades and getting ahead in life instead of, are...
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