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Multicultural Education Scenario Multicultural Education Scenario Danny Hanshew Jr. AED/200 09/23/2010 Gary Shepard
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Multicultural Education Scenario All teachers consider educating students of diversity in an organic way, this way teachers can plant the seeds and nurture them and watch as they grow. That sounds like a “hippie” approach, however teachers need to make sure that the children remain active in the lesson. Otherwise, it becomes a lecture, which all children do not like to listen do to it becomes boring. Multicultural education is an idea that teachers can reform an environment, or a process of tolerance, meaning that teachers can reform a thought or perception toward others. In the everyday world they call it equality and diversification. Children from a young age take direction from someone who is of authority, like parents, teacher, aunts, uncles, and so on. Multicultural education should create an environment where the children perceive themselves equal with each other. It is not possible to make all the children believe that they are totally equal with each other, but educators can strive for a close as possible scenario. We can strive for a total school environment that will reflect diverse cultures. One of those ways especially with a special needs child in the classroom is to have the
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Multicultural_Education_Scenario - Multicultural Education...

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