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Professors on the Go! Chapter 3 The Marketing Environment 1. Key Concepts Microenvironmental forces Assume you are a marketing manager for an automobile company. Your job is to reposition an SUV model that was once identified as a “fuel guzzler.” The model now comes with a super-efficient, nonpolluting hybrid engine. Which of the seven types of publics discussed in the chapter would have the greatest impact on your plans to the more fuel-efficient model? Have students break into groups and consider the introduction of a new product, something specific. How might each of the publics identified in the text impact the introduction of this product? Consider that 15 years ago, audio files such as MP3s were basically unknown. Discuss the impact that this simple technological development has had on every part of the microenvironment and the macroenvironment. For a specific company, who are its customers? For a specific product, list all the potential competitors. Does the
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