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Professors on the Go! Chapter 6 Business Markets and Business Buyer Behavior 1. Key Concepts Market structure and demand, Business buying unit and the decision process How do the market structure and demand of the business markets for Intel’s microprocessor chips differ from those of final consumer markets? What are the primary differences between the consumer market and the business market? The textbook states that more than half the nation’s business buyers are concentrated in eight states. Go to a source that lists statistics that describe U.S. businesses, such as FedStats, to see if you can determine why that is so. Look at statistics such as total number of firms, total employment, and so on, but don’t ignore the population statistics. What makes these states so attractive to businesses? Why would businesses concentrate in these areas? Visit http://dhl-usa.com/home/home.asp . Does there seem to be a distinction in services for a business-to-business customer and a standard consumer? What conclusions can you draw from your observations?
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