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Professors on the Go! Chapter 8 Product, Services , and Branding Strategy 1. Key Concepts Products, services, and experiences; Levels and classifications of products; Product and service decisions Is Microsoft’s Windows XP Professional operating software a product or a service? Describe the core, actual, and augmented levels of this software offering. Classify the following consumer products as convenience, shopping, specialty, or unsought goods: a laptop computer, a surgeon, and automobile tires. Take a product of your choice and analyze it using the diagram found in Figure 8.1. Be sure to carefully outline each of the three major levels. Take a walk through a grocery store. In a singled location such as this, can you find items that meet the qualifications for each of the four types of consumer products? 2. Key Concepts Brand equity, Building strong brands, Managing brands Brand positioning can occur on three levels. How is Old Navy’s brand positioned on these three levels? What are the four brand sponsorship options a manufacturer faces? How does
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