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Professors on the Go! Chapter 11 Pricing Products: Pricing Strategies 1. Key Concepts Market-skimming and penetration pricing, Product mix pricing strategies Why would Palm choose market-skimming pricing rather than market- penetration pricing for a new line of smartphones? Why is product bundle pricing effective? Using the categories found in Table 11.1, find an advertisement that illustrates each of the strategies. Demonstrate why the advertisement fits the category. Create a scenario for the use of a market-skimming strategy. Create a second for a market-penetration strategy. How can product bundling pricing be used by a university or college? 2. Key Concepts Price-adjustment strategies, Initiating and responding to price changes Psychological pricing is a pricing-adjustment strategy often used by retailers. Explain this pricing strategy. How is it tied to the concept of reference prices? Find five examples of psychological pricing. Discuss what you have found
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