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Professors on the Go! Chapter 12 Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management 1. Key Concepts Value delivery network, Channel members add value, Channel behavior, Vertical and horizontal marketing systems What is the difference between a supply chain and a value delivery network? How might a distribution channel evolve from a conventional distribution channel to a vertical marketing system? Interview a manager of a retail store with regard to the channel of distribution that is used to bring one of the store’s products to the marketplace. Research franchise operations. Talk to a local franchise owner and get information about costs, benefits, and reasons that operations can be successful or unsuccessful. If you were to choose a franchise to own, what would it be? Why? Go online and see what type of information you can obtain about your choice. 2. Key Concepts Making channel design decisions, Making channel management decisions What factors does a cosmetics company need to consider when designing its
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Unformatted text preview: marketing channel for a new low-priced line of cosmetics? • Explore various travel Web sites. Evaluate them in terms of benefits provided to the customer. Compare these to other options of using a travel agent. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this disintermediation? 3. Key Concepts Marketing logistics and its functions, Integrated logistics management • The global air freight business has increased substantially in the past decade with increases in e-commerce. Why are more customers willing to pay higher shipping costs per item to get their goods in this manner? • Consider the field of industrial goods distribution. Why are so many firms in this area turning to the Internet for ordering and processing of goods? How are cost efficiencies increased when using the Internet? What new partnerships are being formed between the supplier and the distributor via the Internet? • Characterize the major logistics functions. • What is integrated logistics management? 12...
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