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Professors on the Go! Chapter 13 Retailing and Wholesaling 1. Key Concepts Types of retailers, Marketing decisions retailers make, The future of retailing Select one full-service retailer. Visit this retailer and go through the full- shopping process up to, but not necessarily including, purchase. Report on the advantages and disadvantages of this retail experience compared to some other type of retailer (self-service or limited-service) for the same product. Go to both www.sonystyle.com and www.bestbuy.com . Compare the breadth and depth of product lines for this specialty retailer and category killer. Contact the franchisee of a local fast food franchise and request an interview. Ask this individual to describe the advantages and disadvantages to being a franchisee over being an independent owner of a similar type of business. Visit a warehouse store, a department store, and a category killer. Compare each with respect to product assortment, services mix, and store atmosphere. Conduct some research on the largest shopping malls in the world by visiting
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