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Professors on the Go! Chapter 16 Personal Selling and Sales Promotion 1. Key Concepts The nature of personal selling and the role of the sales force, Designing the sales force strategy and structure, Managing the sales force According to the chapter, salespeople serve “two masters.” What does this mean? Is it a good or bad thing? The chapter states that the ability to build relationships with customers is the most important of a salesperson’s key talents. Do you agree? Explain. Visit www.salesandmarketing.com . Browse through this online magazine and find an application for any personal selling concept from the chapter. Consider a recent or upcoming job interview that you have. Apply the concepts from the section Personal Selling to your situation. 2. Key Concepts Seven steps in the personal selling process, Customer relationship management Work in pairs to describe the stages in the selling process for a small Minneapolis company that sells cleaning services to owners of small
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