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Fabiola Rodriguez Panther ID: 3521273 Fall 2010 Egoism Ethical Egoism and Psychological Egoism are two branches of the Egoism Theory that I will be talking about in this paper. Ethical Egoism is quickly defined as the theory that explains that you are supposed to behave according to your own self interest and Psychological Egoism is quickly defined as the theory that describes how people naturally behave on their own interest. Even though they sound alike, they are not and so we will discuss their differences so you can have a clear view and choose one from the other. Ethical Egoism is a prescriptive theory, or one that gives out a set of rules which people should follow. The way this theory is stated is the following, an act is right if and only if it produces a state of affairs whose consequences for the agent are no worse than the consequences of alternative states of affairs producible by any other action the agent could have performed. By this it means that one should make the choice that would bring the best benefit out of all the choices one has. Most often this action
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