week 1 hcp - that it is running efficiently to give supply...

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Week One: American Pharmacy Practice 1. The culture I have chosen is the American culture, I chose this culture because I am familiar with it ans fascinated on how the pharmacy practice evolved and became what it is today. 2. The ancient methods for dispensing medicines in America where compounding, Americans used compounding medicines by use of apothecaries. 3. Compounding and manufacturing medicament in bulk such as elixirs, spirits, and powders are two specific milestones that lead to the way the present day pharmacies are today. 4. A common pharmacy practice would me mixing and compounding medicines. The pharmacy practice still uses this practice to mix certain medicines that are to be mixed directly before dispensing. 5. The present pharmacy practice in my opinion is doing really well today, I think
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Unformatted text preview: that it is running efficiently to give supply and demand to the aging and more disabled American culture today. I think that the American health care system is giving the pharmacy practice enough demand to need a great flowing pharmacy system like we have. 6. I think that the modern day pharmacy system just needs improvements in the cost of medicines. Many Americans don't have insurance and needs medicines to handle the stressful life styles that we make. Having lower cost medicines will help the pharmacy system, making more people get the medicines they need therefore making more jobs in the field. References: pharmainfo.net/zarrinfaria/history-pharmacy compoundcare.com/documents/APhanobioidenticalhormo nes.pdf...
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week 1 hcp - that it is running efficiently to give supply...

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