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Chapter 8 Comments 8th ed

Chapter 8 Comments 8th ed - section on personal investing...

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Instructor Comments Chapter Eight Hello Chapter 8 - this is the halfway point!!! Remember that our next exam is scheduled at the completion of this chapter on Saturday, Mar. 7. Note that if you stay on schedule and finish Ch. 8 on Thursday (Mar. 5), you will have an extra day to study for Exam # 2. This chapter on owner’s equity will acquaint you with some “financial” issues that should be of interest to you. I am not so concerned about journal entries or bookkeeping in this chapter. However, I do want you to understand the nature of common and preferred stock as well as the characteristics of both types of stock . You should also understand the retained earnings account as well as cash dividends, stock dividends, and stock splits. You can omit the small section on page 306 regarding “Reporting Changes in the Owner's Equity Accounts”. Although you will not be tested on the appendix in this chapter, this
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Unformatted text preview: section on personal investing may be quite interesting to you. Why don't you check out some of the web sites in the exhibit on page 311? You can use your own judgment regarding which problems and exercises you would like to work in this chapter. Working the problems and exercises will certainly give you a better understanding of the chapter, and I encourage you to work them. However, I do not plan to test your knowledge of bookkeeping journal entries in this chapter. ADDITIONAL OBSERVATIONS: 1. Understand the major differences between common and preferred stock. 2. Reinforce your understanding of retained earnings, and the transactions that affect this account. 3. Understand the nature and characteristics of a cash dividend, a stock dividend, and a stock split. 4. Understand the rights and obligations of common and preferred stockholders. HAVE FUN!...
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