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MURRAY STATE UNIVERSITY ACC 490 – SURVEY OF ACCOUNTING EXAMINATION POLICIES AND PROCEDURES SPRING SEMESTER - 2011 THE FOLLOWING TWO METHODS OF TESTING WILL BE USED IN THIS COURSE: CONCEPT ASSESSMENT QUIZZES (10 points each) ▪ A short online multiple choice concept quiz will be given when you complete your work in most chapters. There will be 12 concept quizzes; your lowest 2 quiz scores will be dropped. The remaining 10 quiz scores will be recorded as part of your overall course grade. ▪ There will be a time limit on each quiz. ▪ You will be able to take the quiz only once. ▪ You will be allowed to use any study material including the textbook, notes, etc. that you choose. However, please remember that since there is a time limit, you should have a good understanding of the material before you start each quiz. MAJOR EXAMINATIONS (100 points each)
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Unformatted text preview: ⇒ ▪ The four major exams will be proctored. You will be notified in advance regarding the specific location and time of each exam. ▪ They will be closed book exams; you should put EVERTHING except a calculator, a couple of pencils, and an eraser on the floor. ▪ The exams will include both multiple choice and problem solving questions. ▪ The instructor will not answer content questions during the exam. ▪ You may not speak to other students during the exam. ▪ When the proctor calls time at the end of the exam, all work must stop. ▪ Exam scores will be loaded into the Blackboard “Electronic Grade Book” as soon as grading is completed. ▪All testing material is the property of the Department of Accounting, Murray State University. Any reproduction is prohibited....
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