Examination and Quiz Schedule-Sp11(1)

Examination and Quiz Schedule-Sp11(1) - May 8(Sun U Concept...

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MURRAY STATE UNIVERSITY ACC 490 – SURVEY OF ACCOUNTING EXAMINATION AND CONCEPT ASSESSMENT QUIZ SCHEDULE SPRING SEMESTER - 2011 EXAMINATION SCHEDULE * DATE TIME EXAM # 1 Feb. 12 (Saturday) 9:00 - 12:00 AM EXAM # 2 Mar. 11 (Friday) 5:00 - 8:00 PM EXAM # 3 Apr. 15 (Friday) 5:00 - 8:00 PM EXAM # 4 May 11 (Wednesday) 9:00 - 12:00 AM * The Examination Location will be determined one or two weeks before each exam. These four exams will be proctored, closed book exams including both problems and multiple choice questions. CONCEPT ASSESSMENT QUIZ SCHEDULE DATE SUBMIT POSTED DATE Chapter 2 Jan. 24 Jan. 30 (Sun.) Chapter 4 Jan. 31 Feb. 9 (Wed.) Chapter 5 Feb. 13 Feb. 20 (Sun.) Chapter 6 Feb. 21 Feb. 27 (Sun.) Chapter 7 Feb. 28 Mar. 6 (Sun.) Chapter 8 Mar. 7 Mar. 10 (Thur.) Chapter 9 Mar. 20 Mar. 27 (Sun.)
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Chapter 12 Mar. 28 Apr. 3 (Sun.) Chapter 13 Apr. 4 Apr. 13 (Wed.) Chapter 14 Apr. 17 Apr. 24 (Sun.) Chapter 15 Apr. 25 May 1 (Sun.) Chapter 16 May 2
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Unformatted text preview: May 8 (Sun.) U Concept Quizzes can be taken only one time. After you start the quiz, it must completed in the allowed time. Make sure you are prepared and ready before you start . U Concept Quizzes are “open book”. You can use any material (book, notes, etc.) that you want during the exam. However, you must be well prepared before you start because the time allowed for each quiz probably will not be sufficient to allow much time for referral to other information. U The lowest two quizzes will be dropped and will not be included in the determination of your overall quiz grade; the ten highest scores will be used to compute the overall quiz grade that will be part (20%) of your final grade. See Section VIII in the Syllabus for an explanation of how the final grades are determined. Quizzes have been omitted for Chapters 1, 3, 10, & 11....
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Examination and Quiz Schedule-Sp11(1) - May 8(Sun U Concept...

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