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10.12.10-Paper3-Assignment-1 - R1A1-It's Only Natural...

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R1A1-It's Only Natural 10.12.10-Tuesday-Class14 Paper 3 Assignment Due dates: Prewriting: Tuesday, October 19 Paper 3 Version 1: Tuesday, November 2 Peer Review: Tuesday, November 9 Paper 3 Version 2: Tuesday, November 16 Assignment Select ONE topic from ONE of the following texts and make an argument about it. Here are the options: 1. Yeats, "Sailing to Byzantium" 2. Wells, Time Machine 3. Aristophanes, The Birds The assignment will have several stages. First, you will complete a pre-writing assignment. Second, you will write a paper. Third, you will critique each other's papers in a small group. Lastly, with your peers' and our comments in hand, you will write a second version of the paper . Length and Format PREWRITING LENGTH: 2 pages minimum PAPER LENGTH: 5 pages (must be at least 4 1/2 pages or will be marked down 1/3 of a grade) All assignments should follow the following format: Times New Roman font, 12-point font size, 1-inch margins, no spacing between paragraphs, double-spaced. To save a tree, please try to print double-sided. 1
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R1A1-It's Only Natural 10.12.10-Tuesday-Class14 Prewriting Due Tuesday, October 19 Step One: Brainstorming 1. ***Initial Passage*** 2. Initial Question/Problem 3. Topic 4. Free write 1 5. Mining Evidence 6. Grouping Evidence 7. Free write 2 8. Problematic 9. Hypothesis/Hypotheses Step Two: Organizing 1. Organize evidence 2. Analyze evidence Step Three: Statement of Purpose Step One: Prewriting (Note: write at least one sentence [or word, in the case of “Topic”] for each of these pre-writing steps, and turn in ALL the steps as part of this assignment.) Initial Passage We have been focusing on working up from the text. The first step in the process will be to choose a passage that relates or touches on themes that are important to the text. The ideas in the passage will be central to your paper.
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10.12.10-Paper3-Assignment-1 - R1A1-It's Only Natural...

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