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SOLUTION: CHALLENGE QUESTION 1 x = 0:0.1:5*pi; hold on plot(x,5*sin(x)) y = 5*sin(x) - ((5*sin(x) - 3).*(5*sin(x) > 3)) - ((5*sin(x) + 3).*(5*sin(x) < -3)); plot(x,y,'c-')
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Unformatted text preview: hold off %---------- OR &gt;&gt; x= linspace(0, 5*pi, 200); &gt;&gt; y=5*sin(x); &gt;&gt; y(~(y&lt;=3)|~(y&gt;=-3))=y(~(y&lt;=3)|~(y&gt;=-3)).*abs(3./y(~(y&lt;=3)|~(y&gt;=-3))); &gt;&gt; plot(x,y)...
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