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QRM-hmwk-wk2 - amount remaining in any tube is random...

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Quantitative Research Methods Amy Cutler Week 2 Chapter 6 page 189, #36 An investment will be worth $1000, $2000, or $5000 at the end of the year.  The probabilities of these  values are .25, .60, and .15, respectively.  Determine the mean and variance of the worth of the  investment. page 190, #39 A Tamiami shearing machine is producing 10% defective pieces, which is abnormally high.  The quality  control engineer has been checking the output by almost continuous sampling since the abnormal  condition began.  What is the probability that in a sample of 10 pieces: a. Exactly 5 will be defective? b. 5 or more will be defective? Chapter 7 page 219, #32 A tube of Listerine Tartar Control toothpaste contains 4.2 ounces.  As people use the toothpaste, the 
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Unformatted text preview: amount remaining in any tube is random. Assume the amount of toothpaste left in the tube follows a uniform distribution. From this information, we can determine the following information about the amount remaining in a toothpaste tube without invading anyone’s privacy. a. How much toothpaste would you expect to be remaining in the tube? b. What is the standard deviation of the amount remaining in the tube? c. What is the likelihood there is less than 3.0 ounces remaining in the tube? d. What is the probability there is more than 1.5 ounces remaining in the tube?...
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