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Sample Exam 2 - BIOL 1108 Practice Questions Please note...

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BIOL 1108 Practice Questions Please note: These questions do not necessarily represent all topics on all levels, but give you an idea about the exam format and where to start studying for the exam. Therefore no answers will be provided. For questions with answers please see the sample exams in the course packet. The term pollination refers to A) the dispersal of pollen B) sperm release from the pollen tube C) the pollen landing on the stigma D) fertilization in Fowering plants E) double fertilization During mitosis cells ______ and ploidy is ___________ A) divide, increased B) fuse, increased C) divide, decreased D) fuse, reduced E) divide, maintained The number of seeds in a fruit tell you A) how many ovules were present in the carpel B) how many pollen landed on the carpel C) how many cells were in the gametophyte D) how many female gametes were fertilized E) how many ovaries the plant had The gametophyte stage in Fowering plant reproduction is A) single cell, diploid B) none of the above C) multicellular, haploid D) multicellular, diploid E) single cell, haploid During a drought plants close stomata by A) moving sodium (Na+) ions out of guard cells B) adding water to guard cells C) increasing the turgor of guard cells D) removing water from guard cells E) moving potassium (K+) ions into guard cells Which of the following most accurately describes the driving force for water transport within the xylem of plants? A) active transport B) pressure-Fow C) tension D) osmosis E) capillary force Which of the following best describes sugar transport within the phloem of plants? A) displacement of sugar with waterFow B) diffusion of sugar along sugar gradient C) osmosis of water (with sugar) within phloem D) active sugar transport using proton pumps E) diffusion of sugar against sugar gradient Which of the following cells are phloem cells? A) guard cells B) root hair C) companion cells D) vessels E) tracheids What does the Casparian strip do? A) it pumps water into the xylem
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B) it prevents waterfow inside the cell wall C) it selectively lets wanted molecules pass, but keeps uwanted molecules out D) it prevents toxins From entering the endodermis cells E) it takes up water From the soil You are moving From Georgia to Southern ±lorida, and decide to take your Favorite plant with you. The new environment For the plant is the same except that the humidity is higher. Under these conditions you should expect that A) the plant requires more watering B) the plant requires less nutrients C) the plant requires more nutrients D) the plant requires less watering E) the plant will grow more slowly Transpiration in plants requires all oF the Following EXCEPT A) adhesion oF water molecules to cell walls B) cohesion betweeen water molecules C) transport in tracheids D) evaporation oF water molecules E) active transport through xylem cells Lack oF support is a problem on land, because in air
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Sample Exam 2 - BIOL 1108 Practice Questions Please note...

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