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History of Horticulture: Lecture 23 1 Lectures Lectures 23 23– 25 25 Herbals: The Connection Between Horticulture and Medicine The prehistoric discovery that certain plants cause harm and others have curative powers is the origin of the healing professions and its practitioners (priest, physician, and apothecary), as well as professions devoted to plants (botany and horticulture). Herbals of Antiquity Earliest medical test 21 st BCE Nipur Sumarian Comments Century Herbal Source Lost illustrated ms, Physician to Mithridites 1 st BCE Crateuas Botanical treatise 4 th BCE Theophrastus Historia de Plantes De Causis Plantarum Lost ms 4 th BCE Diocles of Carystus Hellenic Medical treatise, 811 prescriptions 15 th BCE Ebers Papyrus Egyptian Herbal: A book about useful plants, especially medicinals A Sumerian cuneiform tablet discovered at Nipur and pressed into clay circa 2100 BCE is the earliest known medical text. The contents may be older, perhaps by as much as a millennium. One translation directs the practitioner to “pulverize the bark of pear (?) tree and the ‘moon’ plant; infuse it with kushumma wine, let tree oil and hot cedar oil be spread over it.”
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