MGMT 330 Ch. 15 - o Ask Questions to clear up ambiguities...

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The interpersonal Communication Process o Sender Messaged to be conveyed Encode Message Transmit Message o Receiver Message that was understood Decode message Receive message o In between the sender and receiver is NOISE! The Communication Process o Noise occurs if. . The sender is unsure what message to communicate The message is not clearly encoded The wrong channel is chosen The message is improperly decoded The receiver lacks experience or time o Improving communication Listening Skills Feedback Skills (Give and receive) Using the correct communication medium o Active Listening Listening to understand another person’s point of view without evaluating or judging the other person or their views on a situation. Becoming an Active Listener Clarify responses
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Unformatted text preview: o Ask Questions to clear up ambiguities • Paraphrase responses o Restate the speaker’s comments in your own words • Summarize responses o Review the speaker’s main points o Making Feedback Constructive vs. Destructive Destructive Feedback • Disapproving with no intention of being helpful Constructive Feedback • Helpful, corrective and encouraging Give IMMEDIATE feedback Make feedback SPECIFIC Make feedback PROBLEM-ORIENTED (not personal) o Communication Channels (research for exam) o Choosing the correct communication medium (not channel) Oral Communication • Complex topics • Emotional topics • Ambiguous topics Written Communication • Straight-forward messages • Information • Ex) E-mails...
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MGMT 330 Ch. 15 - o Ask Questions to clear up ambiguities...

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