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Obtaining Linux VMware The VMware player can be downloaded at www.vmware.com . Under the products menu, select “VMware Player” and follow the instructions to download it. You will also need a VMware image for the Linux distribution that you wish to use. Many of these can be found at www.vmplanet.net . For our class I would suggest using either Ubuntu Linux or BackTrack Linux. Ubuntu is a very good desktop system and can be used as a general purpose system. BackTrack is designed for penetration testing and has a huge amount of security tools already installed. Once you have the player install and an image downloaded, simply run the player, open the image, and
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Unformatted text preview: play the virtual machine. Unetbootin Unetbootin is a tool which allows you to create bootable USB drives. Go to unetbootin.sourceforge.net to download the latest version. Select a distribution and version then select a USB drive on which to install it. Be very careful – do not install it on a drive that has data which you want to keep – it will be deleted. Make sure that your computer is configured to boot from a USB device (you may need to change BIOS settings to change the boot order). Reboot your computer with the USB device plugged in and it will load into Linux...
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