prog4 - CNT 4714 Programming Assignment #4 Fall 2010 Title:...

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Page 1 Title: “Program Assignment 4: Two-Tier Client-Server Application Development With MySQL and JDBC” Points: 100 points Due Date: Sunday October 31 st by 11:55 pm (WebCourses Time) Objectives: To develop a two-tier Java based client-server application involving a MySQL database utilizing JDBC for the connectivity. This project is designed to give you some experience using the various features of JDBC and its interaction with a MySQL Server environment. Description: In assignment 3 you created a MySQL database and administered several different user accounts. In this assignment you will develop a Java based GUI front-end (client-side) application that will connect to your MySQL server via JDBC. All of the clients created in assignment 3 are still viable and will be utilized in this assignment. You are to develop a Java application that will allow any client (the end-user) to execute commands against the database. You will create a Java GUI-based application front-end that will accept any MySQL DDL or DML command, pass this through a JDBC connection to the MySQL database server, execute the statement and return the results to the client. Note that while technically your application must be able to handle any DDL or DML command, we won’t actually use all of the commands available in these sublanguages. For one thing, it would be quite rare to allow a client to create a database or a table within a database. Note too, that the only DML command that uses the executeQuery() method of JDBC is the Select command, all other DML and DDL commands utilize executeUpdate(). Some screen shots of what your Java GUI front-end should look like are shown
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prog4 - CNT 4714 Programming Assignment #4 Fall 2010 Title:...

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