prog5 - CNT 4714 Programming Assignment #5 Fall 2010 Title:...

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Page 1 Title: “Program Assignment 5: Developing A Three-Tier Distributed Web-Based Application” Points: 100 points Due Date: Monday November 15 th by 11:55 pm (WebCourses) Objectives: To incorporate many of the techniques you’ve learned this semester into a distributed web-based application which uses servlets running on a Tomcat server to access and maintain a persistent MySQL database using JDBC. Description: In this assignment you will utilize the suppliers/parts/jobs/shipments database that was developed for assignment #3 and access this database through a client front-end. The first-tier (client- level front-end) of your application will be a simple XHTML page that allows the client to enter SQL commands into a window (i.e. a form) and submit them to the server application for processing. The client front-end will provide the user the option of querying the database or updating the database (see programs 3 & 4). The client front-end will run on any web-based browser that you would like to use. The second-tier servlet, in addition to handling the SQL command interface will also implement the business logic that will increment the status of any supplier by 5 anytime any shipment in which the quantity is greater than or equal to 100 is entered into the database through insertion or update. Note that any update of quantity >= 100 will affect any supplier involved in a shipment with a quantity >= 100. The example screen shots illustrate this case. An insert of a shipment tuple (S5, P6, J7, 400) will cause the status of every supplier who has a shipment with a quantity of 100 or greater to be increased
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prog5 - CNT 4714 Programming Assignment #5 Fall 2010 Title:...

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