prog6 - CNT 4714 Programming Assignment #6 Fall 2010 Title:...

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Page 1 Title: “Program Assignment 6: Developing A Three-Tier Distributed Web-Based Application Using PHP and Apache” Points: 100 points Due Date: Tuesday December 7 th by 11:55 pm (WebCourses) Objectives: To incorporate many of the techniques you’ve learned this semester into a distributed web-based application which uses PHP running on an Apache server to access and maintain a persistent MySQL database. Description: In this assignment you will utilize the suppliers/parts/jobs/shipments database that was developed for assignment #3 and access this database through a client front-end. The first-tier (client- level front-end) of your application will be a simple XHTML page that allows the client to enter SQL commands into a window and submit them to the database for processing. Note that the client front- end must provide for the login of the user so that any of our clients (see program #3) can login to the database to execute operations. The client front-end will provide the user the option of querying the database or updating the database (see programs 3, 4, and 5). The client front-end will run on any web- based browser that you would like to use. The second-tier will use PHP technology to exact values from the client-side form and submit the SQL command to the MySQL database server for processing. The results returned by the MySQL database will be formatted by PHP into an XHTML document to be displayed in the user’s browser. We’ll implement the same business logic in this assignment that we used in Program #5 and increment the status of any supplier by 5 anytime any shipment in which the
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prog6 - CNT 4714 Programming Assignment #6 Fall 2010 Title:...

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