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Scientific Process This assignment asks of me to look at something in my personality and analyze it and come up with a theory about myself , and then test my theory to see what I discover about myself. This is how I understood the reading and the assignment. When I turned 21 years old I thought that I could control my drinking of alcohol and that I would never be prone to addiction. I began going out and drinking on a regular bases. I thought that I had a strong will power and was doing it because I liked doing it and it was something that excepted socially. I thought I had it all figured out and I had full control of things,
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Unformatted text preview: because like always I always had control. My theory about my drinking was no where close to what happened in my life. My drinking was out of my control and I know now that I can not think that I have control at all when it comes to alcohol. I learned that when it comes to certain substances it is not a good idea to play around with them because the body has a funny way of becoming dependent and wanted more and more of it on a daily bases....
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