Chapter 6. Chemical Equilibium

Chapter 6. Chemical Equilibium - Chapter 6 Chemical...

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Chapter 6. Chemical Equilibrium Chem. 1A van Koppen Quantities in Equilibrium Constant (or "Mass Action") Expressions 1. Gases normally enter as partial pressures in atmospheres. 2. Dissolved species in solution enter as concentrations, in units of molarity (moles/L or M). . 3. The concentration of pure solids and pure liquids do not appear in the equilibrium expression. Neither does the concentration of the solvent taking part in a chemical reaction in dilute solution, i.e. 1 M. 4. Equilibrium constants do not have units . This is accomplished by dividing the pressures of all gases by a standard reference pressure of 1 atm, and dividing the concentrations of all solutes by a standard reference concentration of 1 mole/L. This gives relative pressures and concentrations which have no units, but have the same numerical values. Reference pressures and concentrations are discussed in your text (pg. 586). Manipulation of Equilibrium Constants 1. When you reverse the reaction, invert K. 2. When you multiply the reaction by a constant n, raise K by the power n. 3. When you add reactions, multiply the Ks. When you subtract reactions, divide Ks. Equilibrium Constant, K, and Reaction Quotient, Q 1. The equilibrium constant, K, is calculated using concentrations (or partial pressures) of the reactants and products at equilibrium. The magnitude of K reflects the position of the equilibrium. A large value of K indicates that mostly products will be present at equilibrium. A small value of K indicates mostly reactants
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Chapter 6. Chemical Equilibium - Chapter 6 Chemical...

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