Classics 40 syllabus.2010

Classics 40 syllabus.2010 - Classics 40 Greek Mythology...

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Classics 40 Professor A. ATHANASSAKIS Greek Mythology Winter 2010 Time: MWF 9-9:50 Place: IV Theater I (Format: Lecture and One Required Section Meeting per week) Course Description: The great myths of the Greeks will be studied from the oldest and most authentic literary and hence cultural monuments of the Hellenic poetic/mythopoetic tradition. Because of the brevity of the quarter system, a rather short supplementary reader, the packet from the Alternative Copy Shop, will also be used. Adding: You will need an approval code from a TA or the Professor. Please note: the class is almost filled to capacity of space. Fire Marshall Rules prohibit any increase above that capacity. Priority for adding is given to graduating seniors and classics majors. For the Classics Department’s official policy on crashing, please see: Required Books: Homer, The Iliad , tr. Richmond Lattimore (Univ. of Chicago) Homer, The Odyssey , tr. Richmond Lattimore (Harper/Collins) Hesiod, The Theogony, Works and Days, Shield , tr. A. Athanassakis (John Hopkins) The Homeric Hymns , tr. A. Athanassakis (John Hopkins) Dictionary of Classical Mythology , J.E. Zimmerman (Bantam) Packet from the Alternative Copy Shop Suggested reference books: 1. Oxford Classical Dictionary 2. The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature 3. The Dictionary of Classical Mythology , Pierre Grimal (Blackwell, 1986) 4. Atlas of the Greek and Roman World in Antiquity (Noyes Press, 1981) 5. Historical Atlas of the World (Rand McNally and Co., 1961) Sections and enrollment: Discussion sections begin meeting the day following the first lecture. YOU MUST ATTEND YOUR SECTIONS IN ORDER TO PROTECT YOUR PLACE IN THE CLASS. Any change made in section enrollment must be approved by the new T.A. and the former T.A. must be
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Classics 40 syllabus.2010 - Classics 40 Greek Mythology...

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