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Quiz3-Odyssey - Name Classics 40 Quiz 3 The Odyssey Mad Lib...

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Name ____________________________ Classics 40 Quiz 3: The Odyssey - Mad Lib Style Winter 2010 From the word bank below, fill in the blanks to complete the story. Nausikaa Eurymachos Aiolos Laistrygones Mentor Kalypso Telemachos Proteus Circe Menelaos Teiresias Athena Nestor Poseidon Antinoös Penelope Polyphemos Phaiakians Ithaka Elpenor Ten years have passed since the Greeks sacked Troy, twenty from the time that the heroes left their homelands. Odysseus sits on the isle of Ogygia, home of the sea nymph _____________, looking longingly out to sea, hoping she will release him and allow him to sail home to his wife _____________ and their son _____________. Meanwhile, across the wine-dark sea, in the palace of Odysseus, on the island of _____________, a rowdy group of suitors led by _____________ and _____________ sit down to a feast on the king’s best flocks. Disguised as a traveler named Mentes, the goddess _____________ appears at the palace and convinces Odysseus’ son that he needs to go on
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