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Student Survival Guide Julissa - Student Survival Guide...

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Student Survival Guide Been a new student in Axia College of the University of Phoenix, I have learned an incredible amount of information through the past nine weeks. At first, it was very overwhelming, but making sure, I manage my time wisely between discussion questions and assignments make my college experience much easier. The Axia Educational Resources are a wonderful tool. In the Center of Writing Excellence, you can find Grammar and Writing Guides. This resources help develop your writing communication skills. You an find tutorials to help you improve your grammar and you can submit your papers to get revised for plagiarism and grammar errors using the WritePoint program. The University Library is another great online resource available in Axia College. These valuable tools are included in your tuition cost and give you access to articles, books, journals, and magazines. Axia College has a few databases to choose from: ProQuest, Ebscohost, and Thomson Gale PowerSearch. They are all different in style and content, but we learn the different ways to use them. Upholding and understanding Axia academic honesty policy will help you success in your way to the top. “Be academically honest by conducting your research properly. When constructing your paper take notes citing your sources. Include the author’s full name, title of the work, edition, publisher, year, issue and volume number if applicable.” (Carter, Bishop, and Kravitz, 2007, Part III, Chap. 8, p. 290-291). It is very important to understand the consequence of been accused of plagiarism. The repercussion of this act
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Student Survival Guide Julissa - Student Survival Guide...

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