Chapter 2 - Process Analysis

Chapter 2 - Process Analysis - Chapter 2: Process Analysis...

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Chapter 2: Process Analysis I. Process Analysis a. Process: i. Any part of an organization that takes inputs and transforms them into outputs that, hopefully, are of greater value to the organization than the original inputs b. Analyzing a Las Vegas Slot Machine: i. Assume you work for a casino and are offered to use a new electronic slot machine rather than the current mechanical machine 1. Analyzing the Mechanical Slot Machine: a. Cycle Time: i. Average time between completions of successive units in a repetitive process 2. Analyzing the New Electronic Slot Machine: 3. Comparison: a. Utilization: i. Ratio of the time that a resource is actually activated relative to the time that it is available for use 4. The Slot Machine is One of Many Casino Processes: a. Many times analyzing an enterprise involves evaluating a number of independent activities, such as the slot machine i. The aggregate performance of each individual activity may be all that is needed to understand the overall process II. Process Flowcharting a. A good way to start analyzing a process is with a diagram showing the basic elements of a process i. Tasks are shown as rectangles ii. Flows are shown as arrows
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iii. Storage of goods (buffers) are shown as inverted triangles
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Chapter 2 - Process Analysis - Chapter 2: Process Analysis...

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