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Accessing the OPTIONAL Reader

Accessing the OPTIONAL Reader - that we will cover in the...

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Accessing the OPTIONAL G202 Reader Packet As stated in the syllabus, the OPTIONAL reader packet is on e-reserves in the BUS/SPEA library. The easiest way to get to the reader packet is through the following web link: http://ereserves.indiana.edu/eres/coursepage.aspx?cid=4800&page=docs The site is password protected, so you will need to enter our course password before you can view the material. The password is: demand. Reminder about what is contained in the G202 Optional Course Packet: This packet contains the optional readings that may be used to support the class material
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Unformatted text preview: that we will cover in the semester. These readings are intended to supplement your understanding of the class notes. If you plan on attending class regularly and taking complete notes, you may not need to supplement with these readings. This is an individual study choice, but nothing will be asked from these readings that was not covered in the lectures explicitly. Please note that The REQUIRED G202 Reader Packet is a must have for the necessary applied class readings and it is not able to be put on e-reserve, so please purchase it....
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